These are two videos I created to document the learning that occurred during out last unit of inquiry, Where We Are in Place and Time. These will be a part of my COETAIL final project.

MinecraftEdu Experience Overview (The Story Behind the Space)

Student Reflections On Their Learning (Evaluating the Learning Tool)

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  1. Reid, you and your students did an amazing job! I really enjoyed watching their reflections and seeing how well you have reached your central idea. It is obvious that the children gained knowledge that will last them a lifetime. We are also using MineCraftEDU as a Final Project. At AIS-Kuwait, we are using MineCraft during our Where We Are In Place and Time unit, to learn more about Ancient Civilisations in Third Grade. I am amazed at how much the children are enjoying the learning experience through this resource. Well done!

  2. I love the student reflection video. The precise terminology these kids are using is excellent: natural resources, wealth, opportunities, migrate… Great job!

    A group of grade 5 students at my school just gave the grade 4 teachers a brief introduction to Minecraft. When I left the short talk/demonstration, I thought that I’d need very detailed checklists and rubrics to keep the kids on task. I would worry that they would lose focus. Whenever we use a tech tool for a project, I give the kids play time in the beginning to just “Geek Out” with the tool, but with Minecraft, hmm? I look forward to your final project to see how you kept your kids focused on the inquiry project.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I can’t thank you enough for letting me join you on this Minecraft journey. You not only taught me the basics I needed to know, but were available every step of the way when I had a question or freak-out. The kids in my class learned so much and it was such a powerful learning engagement that simply would not have been possible without your help, support, guidance, and expertise. I am lucky to have you as a colleague and friend. Thank you on behalf of ALL of us in 4CM!

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