School library spaces are changing, as is the language we intentionally use to open these conceptual shifts. Despite the evolution of concepts and vocabulary, the one thing that remains constant is a school library’s focus on optimizing learning. The graphic above does not seek to be mutually exclusive in language, but rather situationally inclusive as we reframe and redefine the potential that can exist within school libraries in the 21st century.

Evolving Library Concepts


Evolving Library Concepts (Printable PDF)

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  1. Your new library graphic is interesting and indicative of a shift in thinking. i have a suggestions: essentially, a space for consumption of information and knowledge is adding, not replaceing a space for creation of information and knowledge. In this view, the best of the old still happens such as telling stories and on top of that is writing and creating stories. It is not an either/or; it is a both/and. Make sense?

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