This graphic, which was modified from the original Profile of a Modern Teacher graphic, examines what it means to be a COETAILer. Whether you are a past or present member of the COETAIL community, someone who is considering enrolling in the future, or someone who already identifies and practices many of the beliefs included below, it is our hope that together we can bring about an inner and outer transformation in the world of education.

COETAIL A Community Approach to Learning

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  1. I love it¡ You have represented so many thoughts and reflections so well with these images¡ I now feel super proud of being part of this community but also with a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. It has been amazing being with you through your COETAIL journey and witness how much you have grown as a professional since we started. Keep up with your excellent work, nothing or nobody can stop you now¡

  2. What a great idea! The “Profile of a Modern Teacher” hangs already above my desk to remind myself and also maybe to inspire others. This about the Coetail community I could hang right next to it. Also to remind myself to contribute to this community more often because since I finished the course one year ago I get caught in other “more important” things. It came already in my mind that I would love to do the course again. I’m sure it would be as inspiring as it has been before. It’s a way of live. So true. So thank you for reminding me.

  3. Seeing your infographic on the “cover” of The International Educator ( today in Top Stories ( is very exciting. It caused me to reflect not only on the power but also on the reach of your poster. The scope of meaning within the piece is now matched by a scope of exposure to a wider community of educators who can embrace its message. Congratulations and thanks!

    1. Hi Thomas

      I can’t see it without being logged in as a member to Tie online. Could you screenshot it and tweet it to me? @chezvivian is my twitter handle. Thanks!

      Congrats Reid! You’re world famous now. Responsible for bringing teachers world-wide finally into the 21st C! 😉

      1. Hey Vivian:

        Thanks. Not sure how responsible I am for any of it, but I’d be glad if it brought a few more people into a new conceptual framework.

        I also can’t see it, but someone else alerted me to it a week or two ago. Pretty cool. Do you know if it’s just on TIE Online, or is it also on the magazine/paper?

        Hope you are well. I plan to push forward with some coding later this semester, and might want to pick your brain about potential learning engagements. Cool?


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