My kindergarten students made a stop motion movie that they shared with the world (which you can read about here). They asked people to take the video that they had made and to create their own version, or remix, and share it back with them. We had a very good response with people sharing examples and resources for creating stop motion movies. If you are interested in making a stop motion movie definitely check out the comments to my previous post as people have shared a number of stellar resources.

We have gotten a couple versions that I wanted to share with you.

Here is an awesome version made by Miss Pana’s kindergarten class at ISS International School in Singapore.

Definitely check out her blog for great ideas and examples of the stellar things she and her kindergarteners are doing in their classroom.

Here is a very hip and musically eclectic version by a student named Chris at Korea International School Jeju campus. Definitely watch to the end…

Here is the version my kinder students came up with.

We have heard from a few more classes that they are working on creating a version of their own. I will share more as they come!

I also wanted to mention again the series by Kirby Ferguson called “Everything Is a Remix“. You can check out his website to learn about the work he is doing.