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Last week my kinder class decided that they wanted to share what they did over the October break with other kinder classes that they converse with via Twitter and our classroom blog. They decided to share a bit about what they did using a VoiceThread. They have used this a couple times so far this year and are getting quite comfortable using this tool. At first they were a bit shy and also a bit wierded out hearing their voice played back to themselves. But with time and practice they are starting to enjoy it and are actually requesting to use it to show other parents as well as other classes what we are doing in the classroom. I think it’s great for them to already be cognizant that they are producing relevant content for an audience. I think it’s also great that they are choosing what to share out. When the students put a lot of work into something and are proud of the outcome they feel comfortable enough to put it out for others to see. I think for this to take place students need to feel safe and supported. I think the connections they make using Twitter and Blogging reinforce and expand this supportive environment. It also helps to provide the students with external validation.

Here is our VT telling our friends about our break.

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  1. This was SO cool. I’ve heard voice thread mentioned but never really seen it in action outside of a book report on Native Americans in G4. What a great way to get kids to share, validate and be a shining star. This is a great idea. I bet it’d be great for authors parties too. Thanks for sharing. I want my kid in your class.

    1. Your too kind! I first used VT about three years ago but wasn’t very stoked on it. I have been using it a bunch this year and for some reason I feel it’s working much better for me now. It could be because my students are very into it as well. We have participated in VT’s with other classes this year and they thought that was so cool. I love to see them get so excited. Thanks for commenting!

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