I’ve been a fan of Design Thinking ever since I was introduced to it by Dr. John Nash a couple years ago. You can read a bit more about that experience here. Fast forward a couple years and I am now teaching a design thinking course for Eduro Learning.  Dr. Nash is actually the director of graduate studies for the PhD program I am currently in so I see him quite regularly. He often tells me about the cool projects he’s working on and I thought it might be cool if we could do a Hangout so others might hear about what he’s up to. He does quite a bit of work with US based as well as international schools so he has a solid understanding of how design thinking can be beneficial to schools.  I also wanted to pick his brain on the different aspects of design thinking and ask him some questions that my students had. I was super lucky that Dr. Nash had some time and agreed to meet with me for a Hangout!

Thanks to Vivian for tweeting out nuggets from the Hangout and creating a Storify of the Event!